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(Updated 4/24/2014)

Gretna Theatre 2014 Auditions and Casting have been completed. Many thanks to all those who came in to “strut their stuff” for us! Hiring for the 2015 season will be announced in January, 2015. 

The rest of this webpage was about our completed summer season auditions and is being left in place for informational purposes only:


Gretna Theatre casts locally and in New York City, and we cast both union and non-union.  We are working under an Actors’ Equity Association Letter of Agreement referenced to a COST contract.  Below is the casting information for the 2014 season.  The following is a snapshot of our audition dates – details follow below:


  • Mt. Gretna, PA:  EPAs and Open Auditions, Saturday March 8
  • NYC:  StrawHat Auditions March 15 – 17
  • NYC: EPA, Open Call, Appointments, and Final NYC Callbacks, March 18 – 21
  • Mt. Gretna, PA:  Final Local Callbacks, Saturday March 29
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    Show Season:

        • A TRIBUTE TO FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS by The Unexpected Boys
          • Touring Concert – Already Cast.  Opens June 12, Closes June 15.
        • CAMELOT
          • Rehearsals begin June 10, Opens June 19, Closes June 29
          • Rehearsals begin July 1, Opens July 10, Closes July 20
          • Rehearsals begin July 15, Opens July 24, Closes August 2
          • Rehearsals begin August 12, Opens August 21, Closes August 24

    General Audition & Season Info:

    • Gretna Theatre hires Equity and Non-Equity Performers for its summer season.
    • Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.
    • If you are an AEA member, always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.
    • AEA CONTRACTS available:  three performers and one stage manager per show under LOA-COST.
    • You may also email your picture and resume immediately for consideration to Casting Director Christian Saint-Girardplease note which roles you wish to be considered for in the subject line of your email.
    • We will hold auditions by appointment in New York on March 20 in addition to our season EPA in Mt. Gretna on March 8 and our season EPA in NYC on March 18.
    • NON-EQUITY ACTORS are hired both in NYC and locally.  Note that we will consider non-Equity actors for roles listed as “seeking AEA submissions/auditions” as well.
    • Especially seeking terrific non-singing actors for the play MOON OVER BUFFALO (see breakdown below).
    • CHILDREN:  Seeking one boy for only one role this season, that of Tom of Warwick in CAMELOT (see description below).
        • REHEARSALS are Tuesdays through Sundays during the day, typically 9:30 – 5:30, with Tech and Dress rehearsals prior to opening in the afternoons & evenings.
        • PERFORMANCES are five per week – Thursdays at 2PM & 7:30PM, Fridays at 7:30PM, Saturdays at 7:30PM and Sundays at 2PM (There will be no performance of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS on Sunday August 3, but there will be a special SATURDAY MATINEE of that show on August 2.)
        • Monday is the typical cast day off, though crew and actor/interns may be called that day for load in / load out of shows.
        • PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE AUDITION TIMES, PLACES AND REQUIREMENTS. We are unable to schedule “special” auditions outside those times listed due to the availability of our musical director and directors.
        • It is incredibly rare for us to cast without an ‘in person’ audition.
        • IMPORTANT!  At the audition, please have your resume attached to the back side of your photograph, and be sure your full contact information is on your resume including where you live (we need to know for housing purposes if you are local, have the possibility of local housing, or are an out of town artist – whether we audition you in New York or locally). Note your correct height and weight as well as your vocal type on your resume. Have your music ready for the accompanist in your key and with the start and end places clearly marked. We may or may not have you sing your second piece, so sing what you consider your very best first.
        • Sides and/or Music are available for each character within the individual show breakdowns (as PDF files noted in red), HOWEVER for EPAs and Open Calls please be prepared with your own song or brief comic monologue. The sides and/or music are to be used for auditions BY APPOINTMENT or CALLBACKS ONLY.
          STAGE MANAGERS:  We are seeking one or two AEA stage managers.  Particular emphasis will be afforded to local AEA stage managers, who live within a 50-mile radius of Gretna Theatre and are able to commute to work daily.  Also seeking non-union stage managers to assist all season.  Stage Managers please email resume to Producing Artistic Director Larry Frenock immediately.  Stage Managers may also attend the auditions for an initial interview if they choose to do so.




          SATURDAY, MARCH 8   AEA EPAs and Non-Union Open Call (including young boys for role in Camelot).

          At the Mt. Gretna Fire Hall, Boulevard, Mt. Gretna, PA 
          Time: 10AM – 6PM
              • AEA Performers will have a specific separate sign-up sheet and they will be seen first and in the order of sign-up.  AEA Actors are required by our agreement with the union to be seen first.  Official AEA sign-up list for union performers will be posted no earlier than 9AM, and unofficial lists will NOT be honored. AEA Monitor is not required at this call.
              • NON-UNION Performers – Official separate non-union sign-up list will be posted no earlier than 9AM, and unofficial lists will NOT be honored.
              • Directions to the Mt. Gretna Fire Hall
              • For musicals, all must be prepared with 16-32 bars of an up-tempo song and a ballad with sheet music in their key ready for the pianist. Sing what you feel is your very best first as we may not need to hear your second song.  We usually prefer to hear something legit first.  Accompanist will be provided and if you choose to sing from the show we will have the piano-conductor scores.
              • For MOON OVER BUFFALO, sides (script parts) will be provided, so arrive a little early to peruse them before your audition.  AEA members may perform a prepared monologue, preferably comic as appropriate to the character(s) for which they wish to be considered.
              • ALL must have a recent photo and current resume. Resume must include your contact info (address, telephone(s) and email).  In lieu of a resume with ALL the above info, you may print the audition form (Audition Form click here), fill it out fully and staple it to the back of your photo.
              • Please do NOT submit your materials by email if you plan to attend the EPAs and/or open auditions – we will collect your materials in person at that time!
              • For those requested to attend, LOCAL FINAL CALL BACKS in MT. GRETNA will be held on SATURDAY, MARCH 29 at the Mt. Gretna Fire Hall, Boulevard, Mt. Gretna, PA. (Directions to the Mt. Gretna Fire Hall)





          SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY – MARCH 15, 16, 17
          at Pace University, NEW YORK CITY
          You do NOT need to attend our open call if you are attending the StrawHats!  We will have callbacks for StrawHat auditioners each evening at Pace University upstairs in the callback rooms. For further info & registration click the link:




          TUESDAY, MARCH 18 – AEA EPAs 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM (One Hour Lunch)

          LOCATION:  Actors’ Equity Audition Center, 165 West 46th Street, New York City, NY (Studio B)
          Contract:  AEA LOA referenced to COST approved.  AEA Minimum $485/week for Actors / $582 for Stage Managers.
          EPA Rules in effect, a Monitor will be provided.
          Seeking performers for the 2014 summer season for the roles noted in the casting breakdowns below.
          Please prepare songs, 16 to 32 bars of an up-tempo and a ballad, bringing music in your key. Total audition time should not exceed two minutes.  Non-singing roles bring a comic monologue.  Bring picture and resume, stapled together.
          Callbacks from this EPA will be held Friday, March 21 at the same studio location (AEA, Studio B).
          Please do NOT submit your materials by email if you plan to attend the EPAs – we will collect your materials in person at that time!


          WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19 – OPEN CALL 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM  
          STUDIO 353, 353 WEST 48TH STREET, NYC, NY 
          2nd FLOOR
          Official sign-up list will be taken OUTSIDE the building by a theatre representative at 8:00AM, unofficial lists will NOT be honored whether downstairs or upstairs. Waiting room upstairs will be available as of 8:30AM only.  Audition appointment times will be assigned when you sign in, so that you may leave and return without losing your place. There will be stand-by slots per hour as well. Be prepared with photo & resume stapled together. For musicals, prepare 16-32 bars of an up-tempo and a ballad, bringing music in your key.  Accompanist provided. Sing what you feel is your best first as we may not need to hear the second song. For the play MOON OVER BUFFALO, we will provide sides to read from for certain principal roles; some supporting roles will require a prepared brief comic monologue.


          Please do NOT submit your materials by email if you plan to attend the open auditions – we will collect your materials in person at that time!


          Callbacks from all NYC auditions will be Friday, March 21 in NYC to dance/read/sing again as needed.



          *Equity and Agent Submissions only – please see the cast breakdowns below, especially for major roles. We will be happy to consider other submissions as well, however our appointment slots are VERY limited. Submissions by Email please to Casting Director, Christian Saint-Girard.


          FRIDAY, MARCH 21 – NYC CALL BACKS to dance/read/sing again as needed from all calls in NYC.


          We prefer to cast actors across multiple shows if possible, so be sure to let us know your availability from June 10 through August 24. Housing and round-trip transportation or reimbursement is provided to out of town artists.






          by The Unexpected Boys

          Touring Concert – Already Cast.




          Book & Lyrics By: Alan Jay Lerner
          Music By:  Frederick Loewe
          Director/Choreographer:  Richard Sabellico
          Musical Director:  Louis F. Goldberg
          Rehearsals begin June 10 for one week.
          Performances June 19 – 29, 2014

          Based on “The Once and Future King” by T.H. White, CAMELOT is the classic musical  story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table featuring such musical numbers as The Simple Joys of Maidenhood, The Lusty Month of May, How to Handle a Woman, I Loved You Once in Silence, If Ever I Would Leave You, What Do the Simple Folk Do? and of course the title song.
          NOTE:  This production will NOT utilize a traditional ensemble.  ALL 10 roles are principals (with some doubling as noted below).  All musical numbers will be performed by the principals.  ALL roles require ability to do excellent British RP accents.
          Will cast ONLY THREE of the following four roles under AEA contracts, the balance of the cast will be non-union: Arthur, Lancelot, Merlyn/Pellinore, Guenevere.
          Males (8)
          King Arthur (Baritone  30’s – 40’s but able to convincingly portray ages 18 – 30).   Excellent actor /singer with ability to portray the impish and insecure younger king and transform to the mature and commanding  King of Camelot.  Seeking a strong leading man with warmth, comic ability and great stage presence.  Originally played by young Richard Burton.  Starring role. Could be cast with a “name” performer. ARTHUR SIDES/MUSIC
          Merlyn/Pellinore (Baritone 50’s – 70’s) Merlyn is the legendary magician who “youthens” rather  than ages.  Grandiose but warm  mentor  to the young Arthur.  Doubles as King Pellinore, a visitor to Camelot who is often blustery and befuddled (think older English character actors like Nigel Bruce and Robert Coote).  Excellent character actor/singer with great comic timing and presence.  Featured role. MERLYN/PELLINORE SIDES
          Lancelot (Baritone 20’s) tall, handsome Knight from France who has come to join King Arthur’s Round Table but falls in love with Queen Guenevere. He strives to be good, loyal and virtuous in all he does and sometimes takes himself too seriously.  Excellent singer/actor with magnificent voice, great looks and physique and some comic ability.  Originally played by young Robert Goulet.  Leading role. LANCELOT SIDES/MUSIC
          Mordred/Dap/Page (Tenor 20’s) Mordred is the illegitimate son of King Arthur who plans to usurp his throne. He is a conniving and maleficent young man.  Doubles as Squire Dap, an aide to Lancelot and a Court Page.  Excellent, versatile young character actor with ability to play both a slimy villain and a good-natured, faithful servant.   Featured role. MORDRED/DAP SIDES
          Three Knights of the Round Table (20’s) ALL must be tall, handsome and masculine with good physiques (some scenes may be played shirtless) and be EXCELLENT singer/actors with presence.  MAY re-assign vocal parts listed as dictated by the actual score and staging. Featured roles:

          Sir Dinadan (Tenor 20’s)

          Sir Lionel (Baritone 20’s)

          Sir Sagramore (Baritone 20’s)
          Tom of Warwick (Boy to play/look between ages 10-14).  A young English boy who has stowed away on a ship to Camelot with hopes of  becoming a Knight of the Round Table.  He is a reminder of the boy Arthur once was and represents the hope of the future.  Excellent young actor/singer (capable of talking/singing in musical pitch and with ability to do British accent).  Prefer to cast someone no taller than 5’4”.  Must also have local (commutable) housing and transportation.  Featured role. TOM OF WARWICK SIDES/MUSIC  
          Females (2)
          Guenevere (Mezzo 25-30 but able to convincingly portray ages 16-28).  Lady from a distant court who comes to Camelot to be Arthur’s bride and queen.  She loves Arthur but reluctantly becomes enamored of Lancelot.  Excellent singer/actress with great presence and attractive with good figure.  Must have exceptional singing voice and ability to transform from insecure young lady to Queen. Originally played by young Julie Andrews.  Leading role. GUENEVERE SIDES/MUSIC
          Nimue/Lady Anne (Mezzo 20’s) Nimue is a spirit or muse-like creature who controls Merlyn’s powers.  She sings the hauntingly beautiful “Follow Me.”  Doubles as Lady Anne, a lady in waiting to Guenevere at the Camelot court.  Excellent and attractive singer/actress.  Featured role. NIMUE MUSIC






          By: Ken Ludwig
          Director:  Jason Summers
          Rehearsals begin July 1 for one week.
          Performances July 10 – 20, 20134

          Ken Ludwig’s uproarious comic farce follows in the same madcap tradition of Lend me a Tenor. The play centers on George and Charlotte Hay, has-been actors who are on the brink of a disastrous split-up caused by George’s dalliance with a young ingénue. Just as they receive word that they might have one last shot at stardom with an impending visit from none other than Frank Capra, everything that could go wrong does go wrong, resulting in non-stop hilarity.  Originally starring Carol Burnett and Philip Bosco on Broadway, this is a bust-a-gut, side-splitting laugh riot!
          NOTE: Due to the “plays within the play scenes” in the script, almost all actors double in the “onstage” roles in scenes from Cyrano and/or Private Lives.
          Will cast ONLY THREE of the following four roles under AEA contracts, the balance of the cast will be non-union: George, Charlotte, Richard, Ethel.
          Males (4)
          George Hay (50’s) A traveling actor and head of  his own acting troupe.  Not quite a “has-been” but more of a “never-was”.  Although he has played some excellent roles he has always been just shy of  that “big break” and is still dreaming of being the “big star” he thinks he should be.  A bit of a ham with a large ego who can be overbearing but endearing.  Excellent comic actor with great stage presence and physical agility.  Fencing or stage combat skills are a plus.  Originally played by Philip Bosco.  Starring role.  Could be played by a “name”. GEORGE SIDES
          Howard (late 20’s) a TV Weatherman and Rosalind’s fiancé.  He is very good-natured and quite good-looking.  Thinks of himself as a bit of an actor because of his TV job.  He becomes the victim of “mistaken identity” throughout the play.  Excellent young actor with good comic timing.  Featured role. HOWARD SIDES
          Paul (early 30’s) Stage Manager for the company and occasional actor in the troupe.  He was once romantically involved with Rosalind.  Good-looking in a rough and ready sort of way and extremely likable.  Excellent actor with good comic timing.  Featured role. PAUL SIDES
          Richard Maynard (50”s) a lawyer and friend to Charlotte and advisor to George.  Good-looking and lovable with a keen wit and air of urbane sophistication.  Successful and charismatic, he is attracted to Charlotte and would like to “take her away” from her life on the road.  Excellent character actor with great coming timing capable of delivering “bon mots”.  Featured role. RICHARD SIDES
          Females (4)
          Charlotte Hay (50’s) Wife and acting partner of George.  Not a “has-been” but more of an “almost-was”.  Still hankering for a major film career and tired of playing “the road” to survive.  She has played all the standard leading lady roles and is probably a better actor than George.  Excellent comic actress with great stage presence and ability to do physical comedy as well.  Originally played by Carol Burnett.  Starring role.  Could be played by a “name”. CHARLOTTE SIDES
          Rosalind (late 20’s – early 30’s) George and Charlotte’s daughter, who has left the stage to lead a “normal” life.  Once involved with Paul and now engaged to Howard.  She is bright and attractive and appears to be the saner member of the entire family.  Excellent actress with good comic timing. ROSALIND (ROZ) SIDES
          Ethel (early 70’s) Charlotte’s nearly-deaf mother.   Once an actress, she now helps out backstage with wardrobe and other odds and ends. She is never aware of very much unless it’s in front of her and in a shouting tone.  She is constantly mistaken in what she “hears”.  Excellent comic character actress capable of delivering an occasional “put down”.   Prefer to cast someone short of stature and impish.  Originally played by Jane Connell.  Featured role. ETHEL SIDES
          Eileen  (20’s) an attractive  actress in George’s company.  Aspires to be the leading lady of the company.  She believes George will help her career and has had an affair with  him.  She discovers she is pregnant.  Excellent and attractive actress with all-American good looks and great comic timing.  Featured role. EILEEN SIDES






          Book & Lyrics By: Howard Ashman
          Music by: Alan Menken
          Director/Choreographer:  Dennis Courtney
          Musical Director:  Louis F. Goldberg
          Rehearsals begin July 15 for one week
          Performances July 24 – August 2, 2014

          You’ll scream and scream again…with laughter!  One of the all-time great spoofs of classic horror films set to a musical score that will have you humming your way out of the Playhouse. Songs include Little Shop of Horrors, Somewhere That’s Green, Feed Me!, Suddenly Seymour and more!
          Will cast ONLY THREE of the following roles under AEA contracts, the balance of the cast will be non-union: Seymour, Mushnik, Audrey, Plant Voice or perhaps one of the three girls (Crystal, Ronnette, Chiffon).
          Males (4) plus Plant Puppeteer
          Seymour Krelborn (Bari-tenor A2 –G4,  mid-20’s) An insecure, naïve, put-upon, florist’s clerk and eventual hero.  He’s a genuine, sweet, well-meaning little man who is taken for granted because of  his clumsy ways and poor social skills.  Excellent singer/actor with good comic timing.  Starring role. SEYMOUR SIDES/MUSIC
          Mr. Mushnik (Bari-tenor G2-F4, 55-65) The seasoned owner of the failing East Side Flower Shop and Seymour and Audrey’s nosy boss.  Profit-driven, greedy and manipulative with a middle class New York accent.  He seldom smiles but often sweats.   Excellent actor/singer with good comic timing. Featured role. MUSHNIK SIDES/MUSIC
          Orin Scrivello (Baritone G2-G4, 30-35) A tall, dark, handsome  Dentist with a passion for leather and sadistic tendencies.  An egotistical pretty-boy  – all got up like a Greaser but thinking like an insurance salesman and talking like a radio announcer.  Audrey’s abusive boyfriend who is targeted by Seymour.  Also  plays following roles:               

          • Voice (not unlike God’s)
          • Wino #2 (skid row bum)
          • Customer (in Florist Shop)
          • Radio Announcer (who interviews Seymour on the air)
          • Mr. Bernstein (fast-talking media –maven from NBC)
          • Mrs. Luce (British wife of editor of Life Magazine)
          • Skip Snip (smooth, east-coast talent agent)
          • Patrick Martin (slimy marketing entrepreneur).

          Excellent actor/singer with great versatility and ability to transform quickly both vocally and physically into many roles.  Great comic timing and agility.  Featured role. ORIN SIDES/MUSIC WITH DOUBLING CHARACTERS

          Voice of the Plant (R & B Baritone G-2-G4, 20-50) Actor/Vocalist located offstage.  The voice is that of a conniving, street-smart “villain.”  A funky Rhythm and Blues sound.  Excellent singer with great range and ability to riff and lip-sync to movements of the Audrey Two puppet’s movements.  African-American.  Leading role. VOICE OF THE PLANT SIDES/MUSIC
          The Plant (Audrey Two) Puppeteer The Audrey Two Puppet is an anthropomorphic cross between a Venus flytrap and an avocado, the plant has an appetite for human flesh.  Puppeteer doubles as other sizes of the plant and MAY double as Wino#1 in first scene.  No sides for this position.
          Females (4)
          Audrey (Belt G3 – D5, mid-late 20’s) The quintessential dumb bleached blonde with incredible good looks and figure and a sweet and vulnerable demeanor.  If you took classic blonde characters or actresses like Billie Dawn in Born Yesterday, Judy Holliday (who played her), Carol Channing, Marilyn Monroe and a young Goldie Hawn, removed their education and self-esteem, dressed them in spiked heels and  a low-cut black dress, and then shook them up in a test tube to extract their sweetness and vulnerability – that would be Audrey.  Excellent singer/actress with great belt voice and comic timing.  Starring role. AUDREY SIDES/MUSIC
          Crystal, Ronnette and Chiffon (Ab3-F5, mid-20’s) as their names suggest are a take-off on the girl groups of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s like The Supremes, The Ronnettes, The Chiffons, Shangri-las, etc. with all the  harmonies and moves of  their lead singers and  backups.  They are three African-American street urchins who function as participants in the action and as a kind of “Greek Chorus” outside it.  Young, hip and smart, they are the only people in the whole cast who really know what’s going on.  In their capacity as a “Greek Chorus” they occasionally sing directly to the audience and often with a  “secret-smile” that says “we know something you don’t know!”  Excellent singers who move well.  All require voices with great range and power and ability to do riffs in the style of the period.  African American.  Featured Roles. CRYSTAL, RONNETTE, CHIFFON SIDES/MUSIC





          Written by: Ted Swindley
          Director/Choreographer:  Jason Summers
          Musical Director:  Louis F. Goldberg
          Rehearsals begin August 12 for one week
          Performances August 21 – 24, 2014

          Based on the true story of Patsy Cline’s friendship with Houston housewife Louise Seger who became an avid fan and personal friend.  Great Patsy Cline hits include Walkin’ after Midnight, Back in Baby’s Arms, Sweet Dreams, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Your Cheatin’ Heart, Crazy and more!
          Both roles in this production will be cast under an AEA contract.
          Females (2)
          Patsy Cline (mid 20’s to 30) The legendary country singer who died while still very young in a plane crash in the early 1960’s.   Because the show is based on a true story and Patsy is an iconic figure in Country Music who had a most distinct and recognizable sound,  role requires an excellent singer/actress who can look and  sound as much like her as possible.  Recreating her glottal, trill and yodel-like delivery of her  many  hits including Crazy, Sweet Dreams, I Fall to Pieces and  others is essential to the successful portrayal of this role.  Patsy was a warm, funny, vulnerable AND tough lady and the actress cast must be able to play those.  Seeking excellent singer/actress with ability to mimic Patsy Cline’s vocal stylings and country accent.  Starring role. PATSY SIDES-MUSIC
          Louise Seger (45-60) A Texas housewife and fan of Patsy Cline.  Overweight (on the chunky side) but not obese.   Through a chance meeting, she becomes friends with her “favorite star” and the relationship continues until Patsy’s death.  Louise is a tough, no-nonsense Texas gal who idolizes Patsy.  Her delivery ranges from folksy to razor sharp and all in the idiom of a 1950’s Southern woman who is equally at home in the kitchen and out “honky-tonkin’!”  This character is the driving force of the play as she performs numerous monologues and narrations between the live musical numbers performed by Patsy and the on-stage band.  Excellent actress with great comic timing, good Texas dialect and ability to sing some duets with Patsy.  Starring role.  ESPECIALLY seeking and PREFER to cast a “name” for this role. LOUISE SIDES-MUSIC



          Seven Individual THEATRE FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES (TYA) Productions

          Show Titles to be announced.

          Director: Renee T. Krizan
          Musical Director: TBA
          June 28 – August 17, First Rehearsal June 21


          NOTE:  Any of the following TYA company members may double as a CHOREOGRAPHER INTERN for the season of TYA shows.  Please note your interest in this position on your resume.

          NOTE:  All TYA company members are non-union.  The primary responsibility of ALL that are cast as TYA Company members is the rehearsal, preparation and performance of  7 original  one-hour musicals (usually based on classic fairy tales) performed in front of  a large audience of children and adults on the main-stage of the 708-seat playhouse.  Each show rehearses for 5 – 6 days each week with one performance scheduled for each Saturday morning June 28 – August 17. SOME members of the company MAY be contracted as “Interns” to appear in one or more of the main-stage AEA productions.  SOME or ALL may be contracted as TYA performers ONLY.  This will be determined when all casting is complete and official offers are made.   With the exception of one or two roles which might require actual child performers to job in, TYA company members must be at least 17 years of age.  ALL must be charming with an ability to “connect” to the children in the audience.  Good comic timing, improvisational skills and ability to move well are also needed.Males (4)
          Young Leading Man (Lyric Baritone 17+) Tall, attractive singer/actor with great voice to play mostly “Prince” or   other “hero” type  leading roles.  Charming with a “winning” smile. TYA LEADING MAN/PRINCE SIDES
          2nd Juvenile Lead  (Tenor 17+) Attractive and fun singer/actor  with strong voice to play secondary leads like the “brother” or “best friend” to the leading man or woman in each show.  Fun-loving and out-going personality. TYA JUVENILE LEAD SIDES
           Young Comic Character (Bari-tenor 17+) Excellent singer/actor with strong comic ability to play the “comic-relief ” roles like “Court Jesters” or  “Elves” or  “Animals”.   Often the narrator or storyteller of the troupe.  Physical comedy and agility (like acrobatics, pratfalls, etc.) is a plus. TYA YOUNG COMIC MALE SIDES
          Older Character (Baritone 17+).  Excellent young character actor/singer who can convincingly play “older” roles like the “Fathers” or “Kings” or “Villains”.  Big voice and imposing physical presence is a plus. TYA OLDER CHARACTER MALE SIDES
          Females (4)
          Young Ingenue Lead (Soprano 17+)  Attractive singer/actress with strong “legit” soprano voice to play  mostly  “Princess” or other young “heroine” type leading roles.  Charming and warm personality.  Must move well and actual dance ability would be a plus. TYA INGENUE LEAD SIDES
          2nd Ingenue Lead (Alto/Belt 17+) Attractive singer/actress with strong “belt” voice to play mostly “sister” or  “best friend/sidekick” to the leading woman or man in each show.  Fun-loving and  out-going personality.  Preferably a dancer. TYA SECOND INGENUE LEAD SIDES
          Young Comic Character (Alto/Belt) Excellent singer/actress with strong comic ability and big “brassy” sound to play the “comic-relief” roles like “Step-sisters” or “Red-Riding Hood” or “Bad girls.”   Big voice with ability to do physical comedy. TYA COMIC CHARACTER FEMALE SIDES
          Older Character (Mezzo/Alto 17+) Excellent actress/singer who can convincingly play “older” roles like “Queens” or “Mothers” or “Witches”.   Ability to be both warm and scary as needed.  Big voice and good comic timing. TYA OLDER CHARACTER FEMALE SIDES



          We look forward to seeing you at one of our 2014 Season Auditions!